Jerry van de Beek
Jerry van de Beek
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Co-founder of LFC and the director of many award-winning commercials and shorts. Jerry likes to experiment with different styles and looks, ensuring he's always at the forefront of new technologies. Staying hands-on, by working in 2D, 3D and live-action, he mixes up the usual to arrive at the unusual. Jerry forged pioneering techniques for the seamless integration of traditional and digital animation, notably his proprietary digital referencing application, DIANA, which was used on such industry recognized commercials as,  Mainstay's Up ... Down ... Up, and the award-winning,  Coca~Cola spots,  Delivery and  Factory.

Prior to LFC he was an animation director at the legendary SF animation powerhouse, Colossal Pictures, where he worked on many of successful ad campaigns and zany projects. Jerry is an avid photographer using the medium as the means to tell a narrative in real time. His photography can be seen on the LFC website. Other work can be seen on the international animation festival circuit and in multiple art publications. Originally from The Netherlands, Jerry now lives very happily near bike and running trails in California.
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