Seize the Day for IBM’s What Makes You Special? Campaign

Seizing opportunity is the theme of this second spot in the IBM campaign, What Makes You Special? In FLEXIBILITY the Rorschach moves to a more muted palette as we focus on the quick, cat-like energy, stealth and agility needed by any company to seize the moment.

The underwater world has given way to a decidedly painted desert feel and the fish replaced by a watchful tiger. In a world where speed of communication and an overall sense of timing are the essential tools of success this spot illustrates just how IBM has got you covered.

IBM – What Makes You Special? – is a cross media campaign for all devices including web, TV, Cinema and Print. This series of spots are animated using Adobe Illustrator, After Effects and Autodesk Maya, along with hand-drawn illustrations. Each individual spot is given it’s own visual identity and the original score is penned by Trivers Myers Music.