Sprint unveils the Samsung Instinct

Samsung Instinct Phone

The much-anticipated Samsung Instinct has hit the market. Packed with all the latest features and mobile phone wizardry this wireless device is Sprint’s biggest handset launch of the year. Scoring high in the reviews, pre-registration for the Instinct surpassed all expectations. The sleek look and touch-screen design is all set to go head to head with Apple cult favorite, iPhone.

Retailers report that the Instinct, which is cheaper than the iPhone, is flying off the shelves since launching June 20. Six days after the phone’s launch, Sprint called the Samsung Instinct “the fastest-selling EVDO handset in the company’s history.”

Photo real model and layouts created by Little Fluffy Clouds for Goodby Silverstein and Partners, San Francisco. Check out the buzz at:http://www.instinctthephone.com/

The Master Planets a book by Donald Gallinger

Okay, I confess, when I blog it’s usually in the service of Little Fluffy Clouds animation. We’re not as big a studio as Pixar so we have to maximize every opportunity to toot our own horn. It’s kinda like that when you’re an independent film maker or a first time author. If you’re flogging the new iPhone 35 everyone wants to print your press release verbatim but if you’re Don Gallinger and you’re only on the cusp of fame and fortune and not yet on the Oprah book club list, then you’ve got a hard row to hoe. So, to this end every friend with a blog or horn must be enlisted towards the effort.

The Master Planets by Donald Gallinger. Here’s a brief synopsis:

In the summer of 1973, Peter Jameson, a buoyant, handsome, already-idolized rock wunderkind stands poised to take his band, The Master Planets, to the top. Then his mother, a suburban housewife with a flower shop, is found dead after murdering an elderly German man living in Ohio. Suddenly, past collides with present in a sequence of loss and betrayal that ends his dreams and forever changes his life. When everything you wanted is taken away, what is left behind?

Intrigued? Away you go then to Don’s blog to read a longer excerpt and order a real copy via Amazon at:http://www.donaldgallinger.com/

A Cartoon Network Party with The Lunchables Brigade

PARTY is the latest in a continuing series of kids spots for Oscar Meyers, Lunchables. It stars the irrepressible Lunchables Brigade, of Oscar, Maya and Abel.

In this episode the firm friends bring their own brand of explosive fun, mayhem and chaos to the school playground. Follow the action where just opening a pizza box sets off a party to be reckoned with.

One of the Lunchables school yard regulars, young Buck, only has eyes for the best tasting pizza ever, and even though confetti, balloons, streamers and hi jinx happen all around him his rapture never wanes.

Airs nationally on Cartoon Network this 30-second spot was created using Autodesk Maya and Adobe After Effects.