Adding Live Action to the mix LFC paints Portraits for TD Ameritrade

In his continuing foray into live action, LFC director Jerry van de Beek, explores with visuals, graphics and music, the dreams and plans of today’s independent investor in, Portraits, two companion pieces for on-line broker, TD Ameritrade.

Conceived as personal moments in busy lives both spots were shot on location – one at work and one on arriving home. With deft use of slow motion, enhanced with VFX and text graphics, the viewer is drawn into a seminal and private moment. A space where time slows down and the outside world becomes very still – allowing ideas to spin through the mind in free fall motion – allowing the modern day, time crunched, person the breadth for inspiration to formulate just the right plan of action.

Both spots were filmed on the same day in snowy Denver Colorado for local agency, Karsh\Hagan, using a small but very nimble crew. Footage was then transferred and transported to Little Fluffy Clouds in sunny California for editing, post, color grading and VFX. Trivers Myers Music, composed original music on a theme for both spots. These sponsorship “billboards” air on all PBS stations.