LFC given kudos for TODAY in Animation Magazines Anicomm Awards

In a year of “brilliant and creative animated commercials…” Little Fluffy Clouds was awarded kudos by being chosen for one of Animation Magazine’s Anicomm Awards, “magnificent seven”. Woo Hoo!


“We couldn’t take our eyes off the screen when this eye-popping and effective Sundance Channel interstitial premiered last May. Part of the network’s, Billy Collins Action Poetry series, the piece is an animated recreation of the U.S. Poet Laureate’s poem, which describes a perfect spring day. Animated in Illustrator, After Effects and Maya, along with hand-drawn illustrations, the short features dancing butterflies and flowery fields. Yet, it’s definitely not your typical saccharine carpe-diem package. It works its magic on you effortlessly.

TODAY is a Sundance Channel promotional film commissioned in association with JWT/NYC. It is part of their, Billy Collins Animated Poetry series and was directed by Little Fluffy Clouds creative team, Jerry van de Beek and Betsy de Fries. The film is an animated poem originally written by US Poet Laureate, Billy Collins, for his Nine Horses collection. Mr. Collins narrates the piece.


LFC’s TODAY Chosen for Holland Animation Film Festival

Happily for us, HAFF, included TODAY among its list of luminary animated films. We can only say, dank u wel!   Showcasing the very best of animation worldwide the Holland Animation Film Festival is a premiere European animation event that takes place bi-annually in the famous dutch town of Utrecht.

TODAY, a Sundance Channel promotional film commissioned in association with JWT/NYC as part of their, Billy Collins Animated Poetry series, was directed by Little Fluffy Clouds‘ creative team, Jerry van de Beek and Betsy de Fries. The film is an animation of a poem written by US Poet Laureate, Billy Collins, who narrates the piece.

Billy Collins’ TODAY created by LFC for Sundance Channel

A multi award winning short, commissioned by Sundance Channel for their Billy Collins Action Poet, series.

TODAY describes a spring day so perfect – depicted in the film via dancing butterflies, floating dandelion wishes and capricious reveries all set in a flowery field outside a half-timbered cottage – that its beauty inspires an exuberance that threatens to cross over into violence.

The psychological landscape of TODAY is an otherworldly experience. It’s close to reality, contains iconic motifs and real objects but something takes it to another place. The sky, the water and the landscape blend together. The sun is too yellow. The earth too scorched, the flowers too bright. Lilies float innocently on a stream, Dandelion wishes float in the air and birds fly by – but there’s a feeling of menace trapped just beneath the surface.

As the piece progresses a darker interior emerges and we’re left wondering if it’s a random moment of madness or just a stray thought because today is just that kind of day.

The network’s, Billy Collins Action Poet series, won a slew of awards including a Cannes Palme D’Or.  The poem was taken from the collection, Nine Horses (2002). Mr. Collins narrates the film which was directed by Little Fluffy Clouds creative team, Jerry van de Beek and Betsy de Fries. The poem was animated in Adobe Illustrator, AFX and Autodesk Maya along with hand drawn illustrations.

See: billy collins action poetry series.

LFC plays Yo-Yo for the sheer thrill of it

First in a series of shorts created around our childhood toys of yesteryear. Yo-Yo, is an eye candy catching abstract exploration through interwoven visuals and sound. Composed of a suite in four acts it depicts the elemental journey of an object as it moves through distinctly separate worlds. Acting as a catalyst, the Yo-Yo of the title, leads the viewer on a free fall journey through a tarantella of visuals and sounds, from a duo-toned black and white vortex, to a cavernous forested organic landscape and on into a distorted landscape of cool, turquoise, sunlit water and finally to rest in a platinum palace of clockwork mechanics. Woven just for the sheer thrill of it and set to a multi-layered soundtrack.

Little Fluffy Clouds releases NEPTUNE


Squeezing through a crack on high the water droplet fell downward. Falling, falling and – SPLASH – landing on a sleek, smooth surface. Now it crawled – seeking its way along channels of metal. The sleeping organic pod awoke to the gentle touch of liquid running along its skin. The tank pods, receiving an activation signal, swarmed to action surrounding the ship. Preparations began as the pod ascended the beam for launch. NEPTUNE. To be continued… Animated in Maya, rendered in Mental Ray, as part of an on-going series from the studio of Little Fluffy Clouds.

LFC creates Au Petite Mort an underwater fable


Animated in a painterly style, reminiscent of watercolor on vellum, Au Petite Mort, tells the story of life at the edge of the world where water meets sky. Attracted by the motion of an iridescently winged dragonfly, a predatory fish leaps from an ever-flowing river and in one sudden moment of carnal lust and abject destruction, vanquishes a life. Rain falls, leaves blow in the chill wind and the sky darkens as the fish enters his kingdom. From above a brightly colored float splashes into the water. Attached, a beautiful but barbed iridescently winged lure.

An award-winning, festival favorite, Au Petite Mort is a combination of computer animation with hand drawn images. The extensive layering of each scene is composited in Eddie and After Effects. Original musical score by PopTuna.