LFC creates ANAAKII for LUGZ – Design & Conquer Campaign

In this computer animated ad campaign, hip urban every man and hero, ANAAKII, sports LUGZ shoes and clothing on his dynamic ride through a futuristic New York cityscape. Styled like video game we track our hero extraordinaire from constantly changing vantage points on his neo-realistic journey. Challenged at every step of the way to make crucial decision points and move on to the next level of the game, the one long extended camera move propels him and the viewer through the labyrinth of the game.

See ANNAKII, leap from skyscrapers, slide down the trusses of the Manhattan Bridge, free fall into the unknown red fog, land on a floating traffic signals, hop from transit cab to transit cab and ride a mail delivery tube through a secret doorway to somersault onto the moving runway of a fashion show. Now ANNAKII must make a final decision to reign down double happiness on Cloud 9.

Original track by rap star, Pharoahe Monch. Decide & Conquer, is a cross-platform media campaign, encompassing outdoor media, TV, radio, print and web.


LFC reprises 1930’s rubber-hose style for Coca-Cola’s Delivery Truck

Coke Delivery Truck is the award-winning sequel to Coke Factory. This quirky spot takes the same inspiration from jazz age animations of the 1920’s and 30’s.

Using a mixed media approach it melds traditional 2D cel in combo with 3D animation by using Little Fluffy Clouds’ proprietary code, DIANA, to synchronize the two mediums.

The same animal characters are on the road again, this time with a mission to deliver Coca-Cola to dry and despondent Dusty Town. The delivery truck stalls and loses its color when it runs out of the cola beverage that nourishes the treadmill-running mouse powering the truck.

No problem … a fresh new bottle of ice-cold Coca-Cola appears and a refreshing sip of Coke inspires the mouse to run all the faster as they go on their merry way. Once again when you’re looking for fun there’s Always Coca~Cola.


LFC premieres Pringles icon, Mr.P, in a series of spots for P&G

Accompanied by classic blues, pop and hip-hop anthems Little Fluffy Clouds brings the Pringles icon to life. With live action footage shot by, Dave Meyers, this international four spot campaign marks the world premiere to full animation of the line art character Mr. Pringles.

In the two versions of the pumped-up, Dance Party, Mr. P gets down as the not-so-bad-assed rapper lip synching to the wildly popular rap hit, JUMP, with specially written lyrics by House of Pain. In the highly colorful, Pool Party, a more soulful Mr. Pringles makes a splash with the ladies to the tune of Bill Withers, USE ME UP. In the final spot, Road Trip, a happy Mr. Pringles and four friends make tracks and have a good time singing along to the Cliff Richard hit, SUMMER HOLIDAY.

Originally conceived as a national campaign the success of the spots spurred Grey Worldwide to run them internationally in South America, Europe and Japan transferring them to film for cinema release in specific markets. An additional spot, Jo-Jo using the Screaming Jay Hawkins version of, I PUT A SPELL ON YOU, was released separately.

Computer animation with live action footage.


LFC makes a world-class soccer player out of the Bud logo for DDB Chicago

In, Lo Goal!, there’s dynamic action on the Copa America football field as the Budweiser logo is transformed into soccer super star Number 9, Renaldo, scoring the winning goal of the match with his famous rainbow scissor kick. To the delight of fans everywhere he races round the stadium pulling up his shirt to reveal a cascade of thirst quenching Bud accompanied by the famous soccer scream of Angel Fernandez, “Goooooooooal!”

Created for DDB Chicago and Anheiser Busch this all CGI spot features audio and sound design by Machine Head.

LFC Digitally Creates a Traditional Black and White Woodcut Spot

Riding the rough waves of a turbulent financial sea is the theme of, Up…Down…Up, a multi award-winning computer animated spot. Spinning a David and Goliath tale our investor’s tiny sailboat escapes the dragons of a turbulent market and financial ruin to live another day.

Fast paced, cinematic and an overall visual treat that illustrates the timeless message of the financial marketplace. This elegant, black and white, woodcut style combines traditional cel animation with unique techniques in 3D. LFC’s creative director, Jerry van de Beek, not only created, modeled, textured and animated the piece but also wrote a specific coded digital program, DIANA, to ensure perfect registration between the analogue, hand drawn cel animation and the 3D, digitally made animation – which comprises the majority of this spot. Bravo, say we, and judging by the many awards it received, everyone agrees!

LFC graphically illustrates the versatility of the Number 3

In this highly graphic and colorful spot we take a lesson in versatility and learn to spot the three in every situation. In a fun romp through this :30 second spot one graphic scene melds into the next. From the double 3’s in a lucky clover, to the two ends of a dog’s bone, right on down to the shadow that surrounds your stripy beach umbrella.

As the man with the voice says:

3’s can make you money when they turn up on your Instant Numbers game lottery card…


So itch that scratch and win.

Made for the New York State Lottery. Animated in Adobe Flash, Illustrator and Autodesk Maya and rendered with Mental Ray Images. Audio, music and sound design by Black Market NYC.