LFC creates snow, VFX + color grades spot for BSS+P

BSS+P are known for infusing their ad campaigns with an irreverently sly comedic slant. In this series of spots for Columbia Sportswear they came up with the genius idea of stripping a bunch of actors down to their skinny, skin skivvies and in freezing snowy conditions have those poor principles explain to us the miracle of Omni-Heat and the little silver dots.

In this ad a guy is blasted with snow from a cannon and his friends (you call these friends?) deliver a final blow that literally knocks him off his feet. … But what if there just isn’t enough snow? BSS+P came to us to create that magic powder for the spot, some sleight of hand VFX and to color grade the film. The fine performance speaks for itself.

In Korean with subtitles – just for fun.