LFC undergoes Rorschach Inkblot testing for IBM

The little web banner that could. Created as an internet web banner this was a production that was too good to only be seen on the web. LFC found such a creative way to deliver the IMB message in seeking – What Makes You Special? – it became a multi-platform ad campaign reaching from the web into broadcast and print and even onto the cinema screen.

Almost like a mini cult film, the three spots, Alignment, Flexibility, and Leveraging, took on a life of their own showing in animation festivals around the world, including the SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival and the first ever, stereoscopic Dolby 3D Spring Festival.

This initial spot shows how, in the dimensional space of an organic free-flowing inkblot, a narrative is told of a company situated in many parts of the world but tightly connected at the core. Using soft, muted tones and playing freely with the movement of patterns, a rush of ink and a sweeping camera – people, ideas, jobs and more are revealed in a global inter-connected dance.

IBM – What Makes You Special? – is a cross media campaign for all devices including web, TV, Cinema and Print. This series of spots are animated using Adobe Illustrator, After Effects and Autodesk Maya, along with hand-drawn illustrations. A lyrical and dreamy tour de force made for Ogilvy Interactive and set to an original and intricate sound design and score by the incomparable, Trivers Myers Music.


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