LFC given kudos for TODAY in Animation Magazines Anicomm Awards

In a year of “brilliant and creative animated commercials…” Little Fluffy Clouds was awarded kudos by being chosen for one of Animation Magazine’s Anicomm Awards, “magnificent seven”. Woo Hoo!


“We couldn’t take our eyes off the screen when this eye-popping and effective Sundance Channel interstitial premiered last May. Part of the network’s, Billy Collins Action Poetry series, the piece is an animated recreation of the U.S. Poet Laureate’s poem, which describes a perfect spring day. Animated in Illustrator, After Effects and Maya, along with hand-drawn illustrations, the short features dancing butterflies and flowery fields. Yet, it’s definitely not your typical saccharine carpe-diem package. It works its magic on you effortlessly.

TODAY is a Sundance Channel promotional film commissioned in association with JWT/NYC. It is part of their, Billy Collins Animated Poetry series and was directed by Little Fluffy Clouds creative team, Jerry van de Beek and Betsy de Fries. The film is an animated poem originally written by US Poet Laureate, Billy Collins, for his Nine Horses collection. Mr. Collins narrates the piece.