LFC creates iTV Games a sequel for Cox Interactive TV spots

Second in a series of dynamic CGI spots charmingly illustrating how Cox’s new interactive service can bring the world to your living room. iTV Games, uses a constantly moving camera and fast paced graphics showing how iTV becomes ME TV. Now you can get everything from weather, news, email and even play games right on your TV with just a click of the remote.

Created in Maya with Adobe After Effects and Ilustrator.

LFC helms NYC CGI team for Film Noir Verizon spot

How does it feel to have speed at your fingertips? That’s the query in, What’s it Like?, an amazingly fast paced 60 second spot made for Verizon.

Evincing a profusion of animation techniques the Little Fluffy Clouds creative team, Jerry van de Beek and Betsy de Fries, decamped to NYC to produce this action packed spot. Ensconced at the famous, but now defunct, Curious Pictures motion capture studio, a skillful team was quickly assembled to create “visual speed” with a Film Noir comic book twist.

In less than no time the spot was animated, using Autodesk Maya, Adobe After Effects and Motion Capture data, and our question was answered – it was fast alright!

LFC creates sweet whimsy for WaMu

We call this sweet whimsy, in Flash. A whole bunch of animated web spots illustrate, in an oh, so sweetly whimsical style, illustrate just how having personal equity with Washington Mutual Bank can provide everything for life’s needs. It can put your kids through college, remodel your house and even pay for your daughter’s wedding. Each little story packs a big message. For all life’s needs –  WaMu.

LFC plays Yo-Yo for the sheer thrill of it

First in a series of shorts created around our childhood toys of yesteryear. Yo-Yo, is an eye candy catching abstract exploration through interwoven visuals and sound. Composed of a suite in four acts it depicts the elemental journey of an object as it moves through distinctly separate worlds. Acting as a catalyst, the Yo-Yo of the title, leads the viewer on a free fall journey through a tarantella of visuals and sounds, from a duo-toned black and white vortex, to a cavernous forested organic landscape and on into a distorted landscape of cool, turquoise, sunlit water and finally to rest in a platinum palace of clockwork mechanics. Woven just for the sheer thrill of it and set to a multi-layered soundtrack.

LFC creates the Pachinko game of lifetime for KY Lottery Power Ball

Little Fluffy Clouds creates the Pachinko game of lifetime when the Power Ball is on a roll. As ticket sales reach $100 million and lottery fever sweeps the nation the red Power Ball comes out to play. In a riot of fast moving color the Power Ball racks up points, jumping over white balls, bouncing off bumpers and pinging the flippers as this all CGI animated pachinko game moves faster and faster towards the jackpot. Made for the Kentucky State Lottery. Got your ticket?

Little Fluffy Clouds releases NEPTUNE


Squeezing through a crack on high the water droplet fell downward. Falling, falling and – SPLASH – landing on a sleek, smooth surface. Now it crawled – seeking its way along channels of metal. The sleeping organic pod awoke to the gentle touch of liquid running along its skin. The tank pods, receiving an activation signal, swarmed to action surrounding the ship. Preparations began as the pod ascended the beam for launch. NEPTUNE. To be continued… Animated in Maya, rendered in Mental Ray, as part of an on-going series from the studio of Little Fluffy Clouds.

LFC creates Au Petite Mort an underwater fable


Animated in a painterly style, reminiscent of watercolor on vellum, Au Petite Mort, tells the story of life at the edge of the world where water meets sky. Attracted by the motion of an iridescently winged dragonfly, a predatory fish leaps from an ever-flowing river and in one sudden moment of carnal lust and abject destruction, vanquishes a life. Rain falls, leaves blow in the chill wind and the sky darkens as the fish enters his kingdom. From above a brightly colored float splashes into the water. Attached, a beautiful but barbed iridescently winged lure.

An award-winning, festival favorite, Au Petite Mort is a combination of computer animation with hand drawn images. The extensive layering of each scene is composited in Eddie and After Effects. Original musical score by PopTuna.

Before there was Mad Men there was CINEMANIA

Before there was Mad Men there was CINEMANIAAMC Network‘s off-beat interstitial movie trivia game show. A quirky bunch of hi-tech-lo-tech robots inhabit the vast world of the CINEMANIA stage living inside their individual letters. Distinct in style and personality Limricky, Translatron, Sketchy, Samnesia and Arbitroid, play the movie trivia game while interfacing with a comedic off-screen game show announcer. This CGI combo of found objects and robotics has an eye to the future with a nod to the past that keeps these “Bots” lively, innovative and fun and gives the show a playful zany humor.

An AMC Network original production.

LFC creates ANAAKII for LUGZ – Design & Conquer Campaign

In this computer animated ad campaign, hip urban every man and hero, ANAAKII, sports LUGZ shoes and clothing on his dynamic ride through a futuristic New York cityscape. Styled like video game we track our hero extraordinaire from constantly changing vantage points on his neo-realistic journey. Challenged at every step of the way to make crucial decision points and move on to the next level of the game, the one long extended camera move propels him and the viewer through the labyrinth of the game.

See ANNAKII, leap from skyscrapers, slide down the trusses of the Manhattan Bridge, free fall into the unknown red fog, land on a floating traffic signals, hop from transit cab to transit cab and ride a mail delivery tube through a secret doorway to somersault onto the moving runway of a fashion show. Now ANNAKII must make a final decision to reign down double happiness on Cloud 9.

Original track by rap star, Pharoahe Monch. Decide & Conquer, is a cross-platform media campaign, encompassing outdoor media, TV, radio, print and web.


LFC reprises 1930’s rubber-hose style for Coca-Cola’s Delivery Truck

Coke Delivery Truck is the award-winning sequel to Coke Factory. This quirky spot takes the same inspiration from jazz age animations of the 1920’s and 30’s.

Using a mixed media approach it melds traditional 2D cel in combo with 3D animation by using Little Fluffy Clouds’ proprietary code, DIANA, to synchronize the two mediums.

The same animal characters are on the road again, this time with a mission to deliver Coca-Cola to dry and despondent Dusty Town. The delivery truck stalls and loses its color when it runs out of the cola beverage that nourishes the treadmill-running mouse powering the truck.

No problem … a fresh new bottle of ice-cold Coca-Cola appears and a refreshing sip of Coke inspires the mouse to run all the faster as they go on their merry way. Once again when you’re looking for fun there’s Always Coca~Cola.