LFC Transforms with New Responsive Website


At LITTLE FLUFFY CLOUDS we change out our website a lot. Since our first one in 1996 we’ve crafted no less than 16 sites, always in tune and often ahead of prevailing technology. The aim should be to give anyone landing on your site the most optimal visual experience they can have. So, it should be good to look at, easy to navigate through and as informative as you can make it.

LFC is a production and design studio so the way we profile our work differs from say an agency or a news portal. We made conscious choices in the design of our site to give preference to functionality over gimmickry. Not that some tricks aren’t fun, don’t get me wrong, it’s more that we want the user to have a specific experience and we want to direct that experience.

Our job is to create interesting and vibrant visual content and that’s what we give you right up front. People want to be entertained yes, but in return for their participation they deserve a robust experience. The new responsive website was designed by creatives, Jerry van de Beek and Betsy de Fries and was also programmed by LFC’s creative director, Jerry van de Beek. Here he talks about it.

My aim was to provide information in a streamlined fashion so it’s easy to quickly learn a lot about our work and the company with minimal interface interference – all of which speeds things up for the mobile user.  Most web developers use pre-programmed templates as a jumping-off point for their sites. They also use pre-programmed plug-ins to add functionality to those templates. I decided against this because I wanted to have full control over the functionality and design. I started with a blank slate, programming the entire interactive experience in JavaScript and HTML 5, then created my own template and plug-ins.

The site is completely responsive meaning that the layout of the site, including the font size, adapts to the device it is viewed on. This is exciting as our new site can be seen – without compromising resolution or content – on any mobile phone, tablet and any computer and even on a video wall.
So people, now go and check this thing out at: www.littlefluffyclouds.com. It does a whole lot more than any cookie-cutter site and is handily optimized for all your devices. Those would be iOS, iPhone, iPad, Android and other European and Asian tablets and phones as well as your good old CPU. It works in Chrome, Safari, Fire Fox, Internet Explorer and Opera and probably any other exotic browser you care to name or use. Besides, it’s gorgeous looking and coded appropriately to maximize the strengths of each. Oh yes people, it is a thing of beauty indeed :°)