LFC directs and animates McDonalds Queen for a Day

Showcasing a new menu of salad entrees for McDonaldsQueen for a Day, a fun, colorful and hip computer animated spot pays homage to hardworking, time crunched women everywhere as they move through their day in the service of others.  Well, perhaps reserving just a little time for themselves.

And why not? This cute and sassy spot is enough to kick start anyone’s day!

LFC makes a world-class soccer player out of the Bud logo for DDB Chicago

In, Lo Goal!, there’s dynamic action on the Copa America football field as the Budweiser logo is transformed into soccer super star Number 9, Renaldo, scoring the winning goal of the match with his famous rainbow scissor kick. To the delight of fans everywhere he races round the stadium pulling up his shirt to reveal a cascade of thirst quenching Bud accompanied by the famous soccer scream of Angel Fernandez, “Goooooooooal!”

Created for DDB Chicago and Anheiser Busch this all CGI spot features audio and sound design by Machine Head.