LFC Creates ‘Twas the Night for Walgreens for Hallmark Channel


In this three episode Christmas campaign – a sweet comedic retelling of ‘Twas The Night Before ChristmasHallmark Channel takes a cheeky liberty and offers Walgreens the opportunity to sponsor Santa Claus on a particularly hard Christmas Eve. As animated by Little Fluffy Clouds the affable and genial St. Nick is up to the challenge in this story told in continuing episodes. SNEEZE, sees Santa almost caught in the act of delivering the gifts and making use of the one-hour pharmacy, while, TREE, has Santa running to the store to replace broken lights, and finally in, PHOTO, Santa is snapped in the act by a little girl in PJ’s and learns to use Walgreens online digital photo service.

Little Fluffy Clouds used a combination of animation styles along with hand drawn illustrations to create the series. Merry Christmas!

LFC creates Au Petite Mort an underwater fable


Animated in a painterly style, reminiscent of watercolor on vellum, Au Petite Mort, tells the story of life at the edge of the world where water meets sky. Attracted by the motion of an iridescently winged dragonfly, a predatory fish leaps from an ever-flowing river and in one sudden moment of carnal lust and abject destruction, vanquishes a life. Rain falls, leaves blow in the chill wind and the sky darkens as the fish enters his kingdom. From above a brightly colored float splashes into the water. Attached, a beautiful but barbed iridescently winged lure.

An award-winning, festival favorite, Au Petite Mort is a combination of computer animation with hand drawn images. The extensive layering of each scene is composited in Eddie and After Effects. Original musical score by PopTuna.