Win Big at the Barnyard in American Idol Auditions for CO Lottery

In a candid, behind-the-scenes look at the barnyard American Idol auditions for TV, seven barnyard characters try their luck, and win – or lose – in a big way. The nonchalant Goat sweeps past us, the broken hearted Cow sobs at the door, Speak to the hand!, gestures the disappointed Duck, leaving us in no uncertain terms about how he feels.

But four lucky critters – the Bunny, the Rooster, the Prairie Dog and the Pig – make it on to the Colorado Lottery scratch card. And they jump, strut, scoot and fly before their eager friends and family, captured by the exit camera. In, AUDITIONS, it’s ee-i-ee-i-dough indeed!

AUDITIONS was created by Little Fluffy Clouds director, Jerry van de Beek, using the studio’s now signature 2D/3D combination of Autodesk Maya with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. After Effects was used to composite. Audio completed in Adobe Audition.