LFC plays Yo-Yo for the sheer thrill of it

First in a series of shorts created around our childhood toys of yesteryear. Yo-Yo, is an eye candy catching abstract exploration through interwoven visuals and sound. Composed of a suite in four acts it depicts the elemental journey of an object as it moves through distinctly separate worlds. Acting as a catalyst, the Yo-Yo of the title, leads the viewer on a free fall journey through a tarantella of visuals and sounds, from a duo-toned black and white vortex, to a cavernous forested organic landscape and on into a distorted landscape of cool, turquoise, sunlit water and finally to rest in a platinum palace of clockwork mechanics. Woven just for the sheer thrill of it and set to a multi-layered soundtrack.

Little Fluffy Clouds releases NEPTUNE


Squeezing through a crack on high the water droplet fell downward. Falling, falling and – SPLASH – landing on a sleek, smooth surface. Now it crawled – seeking its way along channels of metal. The sleeping organic pod awoke to the gentle touch of liquid running along its skin. The tank pods, receiving an activation signal, swarmed to action surrounding the ship. Preparations began as the pod ascended the beam for launch. NEPTUNE. To be continued… Animated in Maya, rendered in Mental Ray, as part of an on-going series from the studio of Little Fluffy Clouds.