Make me a Millionaire little Talking Squirrel!

“She’s a happy homemaker from Sunnyvale who plays the oboe. Welcome, Courtney Mortimer!”


Hey, if someone told me I’d won the lottery I’d think I was dreaming but if a talking squirrel met me at the door to tell me the good news I’d think I was more than dreaming…

Yet that’s the story line in this funny California Lottery spot from BBDO West.

Our part in all this nuttiness was to create that talking squirrel making him as realistic as his real life counterpart. That we did by removing the head of the real little guy and replacing it with one of our own creation. We assure you no actual animals were hurt in the making of this spot but there were a few harnessed squirrels on the live action set along with their veritable unharnessed wranglers.

That cute squirrel was modeled and animated using Autodesk Maya by our illustrious creative director, Jerry van de Beek. Make Me A Millionaire! plays regionally and has an after life forever more on You Tube making Courtney Mortimer – famous!