Russian Internet Telecom Giant – MegaFon – Extends the Speed

Our very own Lara Croft leads you on in a high-speed chase from the Dacha through the streets of Moscow, to escape – as only a fast gal can – into the wild galactic territories of outer space.

Could she have made it without the aid of Russian Internet Telecom giant MegaFon‘s fast and continuous speeds and all that it promises?

Live action lensed with the amazingly versatile Red camera. Raw files imported on the fly directly into our CG pipeline. Animation created in Autodesk Maya and Adobe After Effects and Illustrator. All definitely indispensable tools for all your breakneck production deadlines. Nostrovia!

LFC creates ANAAKII for LUGZ – Design & Conquer Campaign

In this computer animated ad campaign, hip urban every man and hero, ANAAKII, sports LUGZ shoes and clothing on his dynamic ride through a futuristic New York cityscape. Styled like video game we track our hero extraordinaire from constantly changing vantage points on his neo-realistic journey. Challenged at every step of the way to make crucial decision points and move on to the next level of the game, the one long extended camera move propels him and the viewer through the labyrinth of the game.

See ANNAKII, leap from skyscrapers, slide down the trusses of the Manhattan Bridge, free fall into the unknown red fog, land on a floating traffic signals, hop from transit cab to transit cab and ride a mail delivery tube through a secret doorway to somersault onto the moving runway of a fashion show. Now ANNAKII must make a final decision to reign down double happiness on Cloud 9.

Original track by rap star, Pharoahe Monch. Decide & Conquer, is a cross-platform media campaign, encompassing outdoor media, TV, radio, print and web.