The Fall Day


Watch as birds float freely on the slipstream of a passing breeze

Wind chimes sound bell tones across the valley

These are some harmonious times

Crisp, bright and clear, the way all fall days should be

Freesias fill the air with spicy aroma and look handsome in the vase

They burst their buds. Leaves on the Live Oak turn to colour

But still, even more, hold fast to their summer green coats winter defiant

Like soldiers ready for battle against the chill of a Great North.

A full moon burns orange in a starlit sky

And shines a bright path down upon our leafy lane.

Now we walk over to the old man for celebration hot chocolate toddy

And later still, when we return, that same mischievous moon

Spotlights our garden and everything it touches with eerie magic

Blue shadow bright.

The fire crackles. It fills the house with woodsy warmth

And all is cozy and right in this small world.

While talking quietly

And drinking wine and eating food aplenty

That same full moon reaches a zenith

And comes creeping in through skylights clear

To dust our heads with madness

And touch our not-yet-so-dreamt, dreams.

The fire burns. The flames twist and turn and make our eyes all sleepy

So down to bed, perchance to dream go we, to sleep amongst the moonbeams.

Tales of The Miwok Lodge ~ BdF 2012

Magic in the Sigh of a Breeze


On a still day they may rest hidden in porticoes. Some hang in the garden or lie unseen from the eaves of a roof. Others dangle above a doorway. Some tinkle or clang, ring or peal. All are percussive and attuned in inharmonic spectra.

Used since time immemorial to ward off evil spirits and attract good fortune. Revered from epoch to epoch across borders and seas: the phallic tintinnabulum of ancient Rome, the glass Furin of the Japanese Edo period, the temple bell protectors of 2nd Century India, the strategically placed wind bells of early Chinese pagodas – and still today.

What coastal beach town has not it’s beaded shell strings, or suburban garden it’s tinkling muse, or city balcony it’s melodic ring?

All vibrate to the continuum of these magic dancing objects, sentinels from an age gone by, that wait in silence for their aural signifier the gentle sigh of a breeze. A stir of treetops, the lift of a zephyr, then Wind Chimes.

A Very Happy New Year!


On the cusp of 2012 we at Little Fluffy Clouds hope that this new year brings each and everyone of you everything you wish for yourselves and more.

Now a word from our esteemed Chairman of the Board, JAX Omar, who wants you to know that from his vantage point he can clearly see that the economy has turned the corner and asks you to be prepared for great things in 2012. … The oracle has spoken.

A Very Happy New Year! ~ Gelukkig Nieuwjaar!!