LFC brings Wisdom to IBM for – What Makes You Special?

An interesting multiple campaign of commercials is harder to achieve than you might think. There needs to be a link that ties them all together – yet each one must be distinct enough to stand out as a sparkling individual in its own right.

In, Leveraging, the latest spot in the IBM campaign – What Makes You Special? – the Rorschach takes a less prominent role as we focus on the notion of a mighty oak, firmly rooted in the ground, pulsating with the life-blood of a company and its vast array of data. Data that, through inspired wisdom, will be guided to its full potential.

The soft muted tones of the original Rorschach spot has given way to a richer canvas of plums, browns and yellows. The fish have made way for a wise owl. Yet still the sweep of camera and depth of perception, speak of a company fully involved with its greatest asset – its people and their ideas.

IBM – What Makes You Special? – is a cross media campaign for all devices including web, TV, Cinema and Print. This series of spots are animated using Adobe Illustrator, After Effects and Autodesk Maya, along with hand-drawn illustrations. Each individual spot is given it’s own visual identity that is also reflected in the original score penned by Trivers Myers Music.