Techulation Baby!

Film maker, Doug Wolens gets, as we Brits would say, a well nice review, from the Bay Guardian’s, Cheryl Eddy, for his documentary, The Singularity.

We’re partial to this film and not just because we created the animations but because it’s a story well told and a subject of endless fascination for we humans – Artificial Intelligence. Just when will robots become smarter than their human programmers and who will become Master of the Universe then?

The Singularity is an inevitable moment in our history when we will be able to create computer systems with greater-than-human intelligence, bio-engineer our species and re-design matter through nanotechnology. These future technologies will transform the course of civilization. The SINGULARITY FILM sidesteps the sci-fi cliches about robots versus humans and presents an intellectually thrilling debate that begins with a basic question: What kind of humans do we want to become?
~~ Doug Wolens, Director

Read what Cheryl Eddy has to say here: and check out the trailer here: Better still buy the film! We don’t get residuals, honest!