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Airbus A3
 -  Transformative Future for the Skies

There is no doubt that our world is on the cusp of exciting technological advances in aviation. The once speculative arena of science fiction - personal transportation, flying cars, unmanned aerial vehicles - is underway as the new reality. As the skies get busier systems must be devised to safely accommodate this rise in traffic.

Not so long ago European aviation leaders gathered at a conference hosted by SESAR, the joint undertaking for a Single European Sky ATM Research, to show their support for a digital transformation. Now their task begins to modernize Europe’s aviation infrastructure and air traffic management system (ATM) to enable a more connected aviation and with that seamless travel and safe transportation for all.

Little Fluffy Clouds was chosen to create a film for that conference, Building Blueprints for the Sky, illustrating the predicted rise in air travel and the synchronized innovation that such an evolutionary advance in the future of flight will bring. Working in partnership with, Airbus-SV’s A^3, Altiscope and SESAR, a glimpse of a redefined future is revealed.

The film begins on a slowly turning shot of the blue planet. Blueprint, shows flight traffic patterns from the mid-20th century increasing in scale through present day, culminating in a predictive flow to 2030. A simulated aerial view over Paris spotlights how air traffic patterns might look in 2030 when autonomous aircraft join the skies.

As we move through the film from industrial, agricultural, airport and city scenarios, this carefully planned for future landscape is illustrated in juxtaposing palettes of muted cast and exceptionally vibrant color both with a distinct harmonious patternation that gives the video a pleasing artistic continuity.

Now, as that uptick in traffic enters the airspace, the bar is being raised even higher. Moving forward, world aviation leaders must apply their minds to air traffic safety and risk management. An autonomous management system, overseen by Air Traffic Control, must be put in place. Altiscope’s real time risk service will be a key part of this new system, aggregating and analyzing vast amounts of data, identifying risks and safety trends across the airspace, monitoring capacity and smoothly keeping countless vehicles on approved routes.

To effectively explain Airbus’ commitment to air traffic safety, a new film, Safeguarding Our Future Skies, has been commissioned. Adopting a similar look and feel in style and tempo, Little Fluffy Clouds has created a scenario to explain in graphic motion how this safety culture works and what must be considered to propel the industry forward in a quest to create a safe, connected and evolving airspace for the future.

Both 3-minute animations begin on that similar opening scene of the blue planet slowly turning in space. Safeguarding, detours from flight patterns to show us the processes required for air travel and the countless people involved in keeping our flights safe. Hardworking professionals like mechanics, ground crews, pilots and controllers all working with safety top of mind.

We see weather systems, collision avoidance graphics and predictive autonomous safety nets engaging us in the future of air travel. Both films share the connection of vivid and pacific color palettes, which underscore the drama in any given scene and are exceptionally pleasing to the eye.

Blueprints for the Sky and Safeguarding Our Future Skies, will be shown by Airbus at air traffic management (ATM) conferences throughout 2019.

Airbus is a global leader in aviation and aerospace innovation. A3 is their Silicon Valley outpost. SESAR, is a collaborative project, spearheaded by the EU and tasked with overhauling European airspace and air traffic management (ATM).

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