The Hartford  -  Lightbulb

Innovative insurance company, The Hartford, sought to visualize their specialized product line in two short, yet impactful animations.

The brief for this project was to create something very colorful and dynamic while still emphasing the iconic Hartford stag logo which is a beacon of their design.

Using Maya, our preferred 3D software, we simulated elements like dust and smoke and the breaking of glass. Simulation requires that you give up creative control to physics but here in this spot we successfully found a balance and took back some of that control. The result is a more dynamic reading of the action with the integrity of it's creativity intact.

As with every job we take on there are unique creative and technical challenges. Lightbulb had it’s fair share but that's where the experiment in art lies and that always peaks our interest.

Colorful Explosion of a Lightbulb | Video by Little Fluffy Clouds a Bay Area Animation Studio