LFC-RX  -  Montage

LFC-RX is an award-winning San Francisco Bay Area medical animation and 3D visualization content creator for the healthcare industry.

We create engaging, innovative designs that produce clear and beautiful visuals whether Illustrated, animated or combined with live-action.

We bring on target expertise to MOA’s, MOD’s, Clinical Guides, Regulatory Submissions, Medical Illustrations and 3D Visualizations, ones that stand out on the smallest of screens or giant displays.


LFC-RX demonstrates knowledge, culled over twenty years of creative experience in the field of medical animation and scientific illustration.

The studio's aim is to synthesize the strength of our clients' expertise with that of our team in a collaborative spirit to enable each project to shine.

We are a full service animation studio committed to providing all components of healthcare projects from conception through production to delivery.


At LFC-RX no problem is left unsolved. We expertly tease out complex concepts and translate those stories into compelling visual narratives.

We design, test, refine and develop experiences that take our clients ideas to the next level.

We aim for flawless, integrated graphics that clarify difficult subject matter to allow for easy understanding.

LFC-RX award-winning visuals span the industry from broadcast commercials to online digital content and proprietary projects.

Example of our work at LFC-RX.com