McDonald  -  Queen for a Day

Showcasing a new menu of salad entrees for McDonald's.

This fun, colorful and hip spot pays homage to hardworking, time crunched women everywhere as they move through their day in the service of others – perhaps reserving just a little time for themselves. As the lady says, “Queen for a Day.” And why not?

Devising a style and look that encompasses the multi ethnic customer base of the famous, Golden Arch, eatery was one of the more fun aspects of this project.

Both client and agency requested a playful take on a busy person’s schedule. We love the cheekiness of the ladies and the mayhem backseat of that “Mad Men” sports roadster.

Queen for a Day is still a perennial favorite and looks as fresh, graphically, as the moment it was created. The cute and sassy spot is enough to kick start anyone’s day! Dressed in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects.

McDonald’s | Queen Bee | Video by Little Fluffy Clouds a Bay Area Animation Studio