Little Fluffy Clouds is an award-winning Bay Area production studio specializing in high-end motion graphics and animation in all forms.

Talented, imaginative, experimental yet pragmatic we bring a unique edge to everything we do. Our compulsion for storytelling, interwoven with a constant eye for exploration, development and investment in the latest technologies, allows us to think freely, playfully question, concept, dream, draw, code, animate and deliver experiences that enable our clients' ideas to shine.

Diversity of style is our byword.

Little Fluffy Clouds LLC is a minority-women owned production studio (MWOB).

LFC-RX is our medical animation and visualization design arm. Here we bring on target expertise to MOA’s, MOD’s, Clinical Guides and Regulatory Submissions.

Creating powerful Medical Illustrations and 3D Visualizations our designs stand out on the smallest of screens or giant displays.

The studio's aim is to synthesize the strength of our clients' expertise with that of our team in a collaborative spirit to clarify difficult subject matter to allow for easy understanding

LFC-RX award-winning visuals span the industry from broadcast commercials to online digital content and proprietary projects.

Allure | a video by Little Fluffy Clouds a San Francisco - Bay Area Animation Studio


ALLURE tells the story of a junior astronaut powerfully attracted by the moon and fulfilling a life-long dream of going there.

Once there, exhilaration gives way to reality. What has been left behind?

Giants Rising | a video by Little Fluffy Clouds a San Francisco - Bay Area Animation Studio

Giants Rising

Giants Rising, directed by Lisa Landers and narrated by Michael Franti, explores the superpowers of Redwood trees.

Our task at Little Fluffy Clouds was to design and animate the sequences that were impossible to film.

Giants Rising has successfully started its festival tour.

Yellowstone88 | a video by Little Fluffy Clouds a San Francisco - Bay Area Animation Studio

Yellowstone 88 - Song of Fire

Yellowstone 88 - Song of Fire has now played in over 150 festivals across the globe - from Paris to Tokyo, Amsterdam to Hong Kong. It's been shown in Stockholm, Milan, Prague, Sydney, New York, Panama and even here at home in San Francisco to name just a few.

This sparkling gem has been awarded many accolades - Best Animation, Best Music and Original Composition, Best Narration and Voice Over, and Best use of Video Poetry in many international poetry festivals.

Thanking Mark Murphy of Secrets & Machines for the Music, Peter Coyote for Narration, Betsy de Fries for the Poem "Song of Fire" and our Creative Director Jerry van de Beek of Little Fluffy Clouds for Animation and Design.

Stellar Words From Our Clients

I loved working on our project with Little Fluffy Clouds - a rare combination of incredible creativity combined with a high degree of professionalism.

Russ Roberts hosts the weekly podcast EconTalk - @EconTalker and is a John and Jean De Nault Research Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution.

I had always hoped to have animations in the film that accurately depicted the inner-workings of redwoods, but in a storybook style that evoked a sense of fantasy. Little Fluffy Clouds totally nailed it, using their incredible talents to turn my very rough ideas into stunning animations that captivate viewers of all ages and interests.

Lisa Landers - Director - Giants Rising

We really were speechless and gobsmacked when we saw what LFC did with the song. To me, the animation is literally breathtaking! There is nothing “obvious” about this piece and it brought out big ideas and themes in time space consciousness that blow me away every time I watch it. Not to mention how technically superb and advanced it is!

Laura Milligan - The Extravagants

The 3-D digital animations we partnered with Little Fluffy Clouds to create were a huge win. Their attention to detail, creativity, and technical expertise shone through in every frame. Admittedly the project wasn't without its challenges, with several scope and timing changes, but LFC was committed to partnering on solutions and delivering top-notch results. They were willing to go the extra mile to ensure the final product exceeded expectations.

Heather Menard - AVP - The Primacy


The Studio

Betsy de Fries
Executive Producer

Jerry van de Beek
Creative Director


Perry Schaffer

Corey Rogers


Ru Warner

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