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about lfc
about lfc
about lfc

We are the award-winning, Bay Area production studio, Little Fluffy Clouds, founded by three Europeans in America, Betsy De Fries, Jerry van de Beek + JAX the dog. We specialize in high-end motion graphics and animation in all its forms.

Talented, imaginative, experimental yet pragmatic we bring a unique edge to everything we do. Our compulsion for storytelling, interwoven with a constant eye for exploration, development and investment in the latest technologies, allows us to think freely, playfully question, concept, dream, draw, code, animate and deliver experiences that enable our client's ideas to shine. Diversity of style is the Little Fluffy Clouds watchword.

Jerry van de Beek
 -  Creative Director

Jerry van de Beek Creative Director Little Flufy Clouds animation studio

Jerry is LFC’s co-founder and director of many award-winning productions. He likes nothing more than experimenting with the latest software to ensure that he remains at the forefront of new technologies. Staying hands-on, by applying his designs in 2D, 3D, VFX and live-action, he mixes up the usual to arrive at the unusual.

Jerry also programs, forging pioneering techniques for the seamless integration of traditional and digital animation, used in such industry awarded commercials as, Mainstay’s Up…Down...Up and his many Coca~Cola spots. He is always in the avant garde of all techniques relating to design, animation, AR, VR, interactive projects.

Prior to LFC Jerry worked for some of the best production houses in Europe before setting sail for the US to join Colossal Pictures in San Francisco as an animation director.

Jerry is an avid photographer using the medium as the means to capture a narrative in real time. His animations are often seen on the international animation festival circuit and in multiple art publications.

Jerry's Photography
Betsy de Fries
 -  Executive Producer

Betsy de Fries Executive Producer Little Flufy Clouds animation studio Writer, poet and mixed media artist, Betsy is also LFC’s founder, art director and producer. Her checkered past includes theatres, nightclubs, performance spaces and international art collectives.

Prior to LFC Betsy was Senior Producer for New Media & Interactivity at the legendary, animation powerhouse, Colossal Pictures. After many years spent on live action sets as a scenic painter, set dresser, stylist and art director, she opted for the relative sanity of emerging new media, first producing, Where Next Columbus: Mission to Mars, the Smithsonian’s National Air & Space Museum’s longest running interactive exhibit.

Betsy then joined the creative team at Apple Computer’s Discovery/Zenda Studio. A stint at Paramount Media Kitchen, conceiving and producing interactive TV pilots, eventually led her back to the extremely production oriented Colossal Pictures and finally to found Little Fluffy Clouds.

Betsy’s work can be seen on the international animation festival circuit and in multiple art publications. Betsy hales from London but now lives happily in California with her dog, JAX.

Awards & Publications

about lfc
about lfc
about lfc

Awards - Festivals:
Eugene Environmental Film Festival 2021
Feedback Animation Film Festival 2021
Green Bay Film Festival 2018
ASIFA Spring 2017 – Audience Award (2)
Tiburon International Film Festival 2017
Telly Awards 2017 – Bronze (2)
Barcelona Film Festival 2016
VAASA WildLife Festival 2016
World Wide Life Festival 2016
Telly Awards 2016 – Bronze
Pixie Awards 2016 – Gold
MITX Awards 2015 – Gold
Telly Awards 2014 - Silver(X2)
Advertising Club of Connecticut 2014 – Gold
Advertising Club of Connecticut 2013 – Gold (X8)
2013 Global Awards
2012 RX Club Awards
Pixie Awards 2012 – Platinum (X2)
2011 Clio Healthcare Awards
SIGGRAPH: 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2003, 2008, 2010
Telly Award 2010 - Silver
Dolby Labs 2009 3D Stereoscopic Film Festival
Paris International NEMO Film Festival 2008, 2009
Montreal International Animation Festival 2008, 2009
Creativity 37 - Silver Award
Prix Ars Electronica 2008
San Francisco International Animation Festival 2007
Annecy 2007
KAFI 2007
Coyote Film Festival 2007
Clio Award - Bronze
Anima Mundi 1997, 1998, 2003, 2007
Anicomm World Animation Celebration 1998, 2007
London International Advertising Awards
Creativity 27 - Gold Award
San Francisco Ad Club Award
Holland Animation Film Festival 1998, 2006
Tenerife Advertising Festival 2006
IV'03 London 2003
World Animation Festival Pasadena
Milano Premio Imagine
Tokyo Multimedia Grand Prix
Bruxelles Le Festival Du Dessin Anime
Monaco Pixel Ina
Montreal Cyberworld
Ottawa International Animation Festival
Direction Magazine

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