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about lfc
about lfc

Little Fluffy Clouds is an award-winning Bay Area production studio specializing in high-end motion graphics and animation in all forms. Talented, imaginative, experimental yet pragmatic we bring a unique edge to everything we do. Our compulsion for storytelling, interwoven with a constant eye for exploration, development and investment in the latest technologies, allows us to think freely, playfully question, concept, dream, draw, code, animate and deliver experiences that enable our clients' ideas to shine. Diversity of style is our byword. Little Fluffy Clouds is a minority owned production studio

Betsy de Fries
Writer, poet and mixed media artist

Betsy de Fries Executive Producer Little Flufy Clouds animation studio

Betsy is Little Fluffy Clouds' founder, director and producer. An NEA award grantee, her checkered past includes theatres, nightclubs, performance spaces and international art-collectives.

For many years Betsy was a fixture of the San Francisco avant-garde arts scene wearing many hats on films, videos, theatre productions and national museum projects. She worked for Apple, Paramount and Colossal Pictures in emergent New Media and R & D.

Now, after a long career in arts and media, Betsy works on meaningful and artistic productions many of them award-winning and nature-related conservation awareness impact films such as Yellowstone 88 – Song of Fire, As the River Flows, Billy Collins’ poem, TODAY and Au Petite Mort. She hales from London but lives happily in California with her dog JAX.

Jerry van de Beek
Creative Director, co-founder, chief animator and code warrior

Jerry van de Beek Creative Director Little Flufy Clouds animation studio

My role as creative director for Little Fluffy Clouds is to find visually engaging solutions to tell stories - sifting through long lists of needs, wishes and story points – to tease out the message. Discovering that ah-ha moment is a puzzle that begs to be solved.

An unlimited interest in design, animation, photography and technology propels me forward to search for new visual styles in each production.

When not collaborating with clients on their projects I like to work on our own independent productions, such as our multi award-winning, nature-related, conservation awareness impact films, Yellowstone 88 – Song of Fire and As the River Flows.

Overcome Film Festival 2023 BEST INTERNATIONAL SHORT DOCUMENTARY FILM - Restoring the Spirit of Place
Ireland Wildlife Film Festival 2023
San Francisco Green Film Festival 2023
Catalina Film Festival 2023
Lebanese Independent Film Festival - LIFF 2023
SENSEI Film Festival 2023
Wild Earth Oceania Film Festival 2023
Boulder Environmental/Nature/Outdoors Film Fest 2023
First Glance Film Festival Philadelphia 2023
Brussels World Film Festival 2023
26th Gran Paradiso Film Festival 2023
Rhode Island Int Film Fest 2023 Semi Finalist
International World Film Award 2023 Best Animation
Gig Harbor Film Festivals 2023
San Diego Int Film Awards 2023
Woods Hole Film Festival 2023
New York Indie Short Awards 2023
Acampadoc Panama 2023
Blue Whiskey Independent FF 2023
The John Hopkins FF 2023
Julien Dubuque IFF 2023
Cinema Verde Environmental FF 2023
Green Film Festival 2023
Gold Movie Awards 2023
Wild & Scenic Film Festival 2023
Socially Relevant Film Festival NY 2023
Beeston Film Festival 2023
So Cal Film Awards 2023
Snowtown Film Festival 2023
Omaha Film Festival 2023
Oceanside Int Film Festival 2023 Best Animation
Media Film Festival 2023 The Golden Trolley Award
Catharsis Int Film Festival 2023
Blissfest Poetry in Motion 2023 Best Animation
Sydney Indie Short Festival Semi Finalist
Alameda Int Film Festival 2023
Abbeville Bird and Nature Festival 2023
Colorado Environmental Film Festival 2023
Sandbar Int Film Festival 2022 Honorable Mention
SunChild Int Environmental Festival 2022
Rome Prisma Film Awards 2022
Southampton Film Week 2022
Rotterdam Independent Film Festival 2022 Award Winner
Wildlife Conservation Film Festival 2022
BASH Bay Area - Sacramento Short Films Fest 2022
12N61W Film Festival 2022
Sustainable Stories Film Fest 2022
Deep Fried Film Festival 2022
Festival Int du Ornithologique 2022
Jackson Wild Media Awards 2022 Finalist
New West Film Fest 2022
Fano International Film Festival 2022
Kyiv Indie Fest 2022 Best Documentary
Cannes Indie Short Awards 2022 Semi Finalist
Vienna Indie Short Film Festival 2022 Semi Finalist
Tryon Int Film Festival 2022 Best Animated Short Film
Venezia Shorts 2022
Athens Int Children’s Film Festival 2022
Austin Int Art Festival 2022
Niagara Falls Int Short Festival 2022
Inkafest Mountain Film Festival 2022
High Desert Screening Albuquerque 2022
Kinosaray Positive Film Festival 2022
World Houston International Film Festival 2022 Special Jury Remi Award
JellyFest 2022
Indy Film Festival 2022
Chesapeake Film Festival 2022 Best Animation Award
Denali Film Festival 2022 Best Animation Award
Vaasa Wildlife Festival 2022 Finalist
Southern Cone International Film Festival 2022
New York International Women Festival 2022
Maui Film Festival 2022
Hamburg Indie Film Festival 2022 Best Short Animation
Long Story Shorts 2022
Good Natured Short Film Festival 2022 Life on Earth Award
Berlin Shorts Award 2022
Seattle Movie Awards 2022
Milan Arthouse Film Festival 2022
Int Cosmopolitan Film Fest of Tokyo 2022 Winner Best Sound Design - all catigories
Sacramento World Film Festival 2022
Athens International Video Poetry Festival 2022
Prague International Film Awards 2022
AniMate Australia Animation Film Festival 2022
Eugene Environmental Film Festival 2022
International Wildlife Film Festival Missoula 2022
San Francisco Green Film Festival 2022
WanderWild Festival 2022
Kosice International Film Festival 2022
Rotterdam Independent Film Festival 2022
Paris Women Festival 2022
Amsterdam ARFF International Award 2022
Phoenix Short Film Festival 2022
Madrid Arthouse Film Festival 2022
ArtHouse Festival of Beverly Hills 2022
Sevilla Indie Film Festival 2022 Best Animation Short
San Francisco Indie Short Festival 2022
Hong Kong Indie Film Festival 2022
Stockholm Shorts Festival 2022
Boulder International Film Festival 2022 Best Animated Short Film Award
FestMedallo Internacional de Cine de Medellin 2022
Findecoin 2022
Thomas Edison Film Festival 2022 Jury Choise Award
Clermont-Ferrand Festival du Court Métrage 2022
San Francisco Indie Fest 2022 Special Jury Award for Spirit of the Environment
Green Bay International Film Festival 2022
European Short Film Festival 2021
Toronto Independent Film Festival of CIFT 2021
Eau Claire International Film Festival 2021
Great Lakes International Film Festival 2021
Accolade Global Film Competition 2021 Best Animated Short Film Award
The IndieFEST Film Awards 2021 Award of Excellence
International Social Change Film Festival 2021
Overcome Film Festival 2021 Best Voice Actor & Best Audio Narrative Poetry Film
Encounters Film Festival 2021
Innsbruck Nature Film Festival 2021
Roma International Film Festival 2021
WILDsound 2021 – Best Sound & Music
Festival For Trailers 2021
Feedback Animation Film Festival 2021 Winner Best Sound & Music
Green Bay Film Festival 2018
ASIFA Spring 2017 – Audience Award (2)
Tiburon International Film Festival 2017
Telly Awards 2017 Bronze X2
Barcelona Film Festival 2016
VAASA WildLife Festival 2016
World Wide Life Festival 2016
Telly Awards 2016 Bronze
Pixie Awards 2016 Gold
MITX Awards 2015 Gold
Telly Awards 2014 Silver X2
Advertising Club of Connecticut 2014 Gold
Advertising Club of Connecticut 2013 Gold X8
2013 Global Awards
2012 RX Club Awards
SIGGRAPH: 2003, 2008, 2010
Pixie Awards 2012 Platinum X2
2011 Clio Healthcare Awards
Telly Award 2010 Silver
Dolby Labs 2009 3D Stereoscopic Film Festival
Paris Int NEMO Film Festival 2008, 2009
Montreal Int Animation Festival 2008, 2009
Creativity 37 Silver
Prix Ars Electronica 2008
San Francisco Int Animation Festival 2007
Annecy 2007
KAFI 2007
Coyote Film Festival 2007
Clio Award Bronze
Anima Mundi 1997, 1998, 2003, 2007
Anicomm World Animation Celebration 1998, 2007
SIGGRAPH: 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999
London International Advertising Awards Best Animation
Creativity 27 Gold
San Francisco Ad Club Award
Holland Animation Film Festival 1998, 2006
Tenerife Advertising Festival 2006
IV'03 London 2003
World Animation Festival Pasadena
Milano Premio Imagine
Tokyo Multimedia Grand Prix
Bruxelles Le Festival Du Dessin Anime
Monaco Pixel Ina
Montreal Cyberworld
Ottawa International Animation Festival
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